Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kauai, Hawaii - My Top 10 Inspiring Moments

I swear this is NOT a travel blog! I just went on a few trips over the last few months. I won't draw this one out, I'll just show you my fav spots of Kauai, Hawaii from my trip a few weeks ago. Then back to decor, promise!

1. I took a helicopter ride over the Napali was MESMERIZING. Seriously, the landscape, the mountains, the beaches, the blue water - definitely the highlight of my trip.

2. Again, look how cool it looks from above! I just want to lick it, it's so yummy. I was in a helicopter so some of the shots are a bit distorted.

3. There were so many cool waterfalls, but thought I'd show you the Jurassic Park falls! Again, a bit wonky because I was in a helicopter, but it does sort of give it a neat Jurassic Parky creepy effect.

4. Was a bit obsessed with the Hanaeli Pier too. Something spiritual and humbling about it. I think this is the town where George Clooney lived in the movie, The Descendants.

5. Waimea Canyon from the helicopter (I felt a bit motion sick in there, but I still really loved it! And no, I didn't puke)

6. Ke'e Beach, the most northern beach in Kauai, just where the long hiking trail into the mountains begins. It was very beautiful looked just like Lost! I could feel this crazy sort of energy in Hawaii. It also peeks around to the Napali Coast: I could look at the coastline forever.

7. The surf was so turquoise, it was unbelievable! I put a lei in the ocean for my mother because the "seafoam" reminded me of my late Mom Bloomer. I put one in the ocean for my friend's friend, who passed away in Hawaii, too.
8. Grassy mountain in Limahuli Gardens, which preserved the old Hawaiian agricultural land from the early 1800s, and also displayed some native plants/trees, but also non-native trees from the age of Polynesian explorer, Captain Cook (I'm a nerd). Apparently it is like a miniature Machu Picchu!

9. In Poipu Beach, right beside the Spouting Horn (which thoroughly perplexed me). Every time I said Poipu, I thought of the word "pupik" which is Yiddish for belly button, hee.

10. Just loved the landscape...the farmland with horses on it, the trees, and then jungle-y mountains. This was taken in Poipu.

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