Monday, December 13, 2010

meet the monkey!

Noam with sock monkey brother Blimey

Super Shemesh!!

My friend Julie made him this adorable little acorn outfit!!

I like his GQ pose on this one...future model perhaps?

A family friend made each of us a beautiful quilt using my mom's clothing and I've been waiting years to wrap a baby up in it! He was so calm during this part of the photo shoot I am convinced he could feel his Grandma's hugs.

My little mensch!

I thought it was time to really introduce you to the new monkey in our lives...Baby Bloomer #2...Mister Noam Ethan Shemesh! In case you are wondering, it is pronounced "No-Am" not "Gnome" but sometimes he looks like a little gnome when he is grumpy so its ok to call him that too. We had a wee photo shoot the other day and here are some of my favorite pics...of course I had to dress him up for some ridiculous shots...please don't call child services he was really very comfortable and accommodating! And a big thanks to my friend Kate for your awesome photography skills and for putting up with all the costume changes!!

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Celeste said...

Super cute! he looks great on red too!