Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the real martha

note the cookies on the end - these are the tastiest things that ever were.

the lovely leaf tag

Our very own Lynn Bloomer made these FANTASTIC Christmas prezzies this year. I'm serious, Lynn Bloomer should have been the real Martha Stewart, but she may be even better than the real Martha, because she's not only uber-talented and artistic, but she's sooo fit and also super beautiful. How can one person have it all?! Anyway, she made this gift from scratch and I was so in love with how it turned out. The wood dishes are from Loblaws (very useful going forward!), she made the cookies from scratch (and the round one with the chocolate dot in the center is seriously the most magnificent thing ever to hit my taste buds), and she found the leaf tags from...I don't remember where...and she bought the ribbons too! Lynn LOVES purple and green. And we do too!
Thanks Lynn Bloomer. You are seriously the best.
Oh and photography by her daughter Katie - who is also so sweet and stunning and talented that she deserves a blog post all on her own!!

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