Thursday, December 15, 2011

colourful places of the world

Fascinated by this colourful little town, Longbearyen, between Norway and the North Pole.

Just think the little colourful houses are so cute!

Cinque Terre, Manalo, Italy - wowee wa wa wa

Cinque Terre, Manalo, Italy - wowee wa wa wa again. This deserves two pics! {WTF-Portal}

Lima, Peru {Buzzfeed}

Cape Town, South Africa

Oh my goodness, I love this blue town in Jodhpur, India. {Buzzfeed}

Pelhourino, Brazil {Buzzfeed}

Burano, Venice.

yay for our very own St. John's, NFLD {buzzfeed}

Turkey, Istanbul

Valparaiso, Chile. {Buzzfeed}

I need to go to here. Provence, France. {House of France}

Willemstad, Netherlands (F Portal)

Wroclaw {Buzzfeed}.

This morning as the MSN homepage came up, I was inspired by the world's most colourful places. Wow, I am a Bloomer and I didn't ever think of this! Wouldn't that be so cool, to seek out the world's most colourful places and actually go to there (like Tina Fey would say)? And then you could make like a really funky album or scrap book of all the colourful places you've been to! And maybe even include fun swatches of colourful fabric in that book too? Hee, ok I'm getting carried away maybe, but I really do think this is awesome!


Julia said...

Cinque Terre is right near Milan! HINT!

{and inBloom Event Design} said...

oh dear, it is?! so, my cuzzie is going to be living right by this?! i need to check my bank account...