Tuesday, December 13, 2011

not so cheesy christmas inspirations

Once a year we give our input on not-so-cheesy Christmas decor, meaning NO SCARY SANTAS. And goodbye green and red! Here are some idears for this year then...

Cool branchy xmas tree! {from House and Home}

This one is for Lynn Bloomer - a very imperfect tree plunked in a black wicker basket! {from themodernhome}

just plain...love the egg chair...{from themodernhome}

we could knit parts of our benches or chairs! hee. {from dreamywhites}

love this table setting {from skuim back home}

another perfectly imperfect tree! {from themodernhome}

hanging mason jars always a nice touch - this was in the Anthropologie store in NYC {photo from dreamywhites}

Sorry, I got a bit obsessed with the Anthropologie Christmas displays on dreamywhites' blog - this Chritmas pile is also from store in NYC {photo from dreamywhites}

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