Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Michelle Williams, new muse

I liked the lace around her neckline - so delicate:

whoever styled her for the Oscars is amazing...i love her red lipstick...never would have paired it with the yellow but it just works!

Loved her pixed hair cut and make up here too...good styling!

Seems somewhat out of character for her, with such a low cut dress, but I do like it.

Casual wear...I like this style!

How did Michelle Williams get to be such a style icon? She was a bit frumpy dumpy in her Dawson Creek days, remember? Then, I saw a picture of her at the SAG Awards the other day and realized how much I like her dress and her pixie cut. And then I realized that I generally like everything she wears to red carpet events. And even her casual wear. She has such a neat, fitted vintage style. What do you think?

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one stone events said...

she's beautiful...and omg that yellow dress! just pinned it.