Tuesday, February 21, 2012

leaving on a jet plane

Going on a soul searchin' journey to Kauai, Hawaii for 2 weeks, Bloomers. This Bloomer's soul needs a serious rest! But then I realized I got so carried away with my house sale pictures, that I forgot to post the rest of my inspirations from San Francisco way back in October...my first soul searching trip in a series. Ok, I wanna show you! I'll post for the next few days, and then then maybe I'll have some inspiration from Kauai when I get back! These paper flowers I saw in a window of a jewellery store in San Fran - so pretty. Reminded me of Lynn Bloomer and all the paper flowers she made for Amy's cool funky wedding.

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Laura said...

Ooh I love the paper flowers from the wedding. Any step by step instructions anywhere?

Have a wonderful trip!