Tuesday, October 19, 2010

amy + kumbo's wedding

So, my Bloomers, last but not least, I reveal to you Amy and Kumbo's wedding, a wedding we planned, designed AND decorated this summer (we don't usually plan, but this project was just way too cool!), and we've been DYING to blog about it. Amy and Kumbo, perhaps the neatest people I know, are one of the few couples that wanted something like Shayna's Bloomer's circus wedding, but actually meant it! Amy (you've already glimpsed her amazing house!) wanted something untraditional, fun, and very colourful with lots of patterns just like her lovely house...and then...she just let us go and do our thang! It was SO MUCH FUN to mix all these colours, textures and patterns, AND come up with different ideas and stations for the guests. The result? The most down to earth, bohemian-esque, real but totally cool and stylish wedding. All photos are taken by the brilliant team at Ikonica...it was hard choosing even these photos because they were ALL SO BEAUTIFUL (there are 43 here, sorry, but i just couldn't get it down to less!). I have ordered the photos so you can experience the wedding as if you were there...thank you Amy and Kumbo for letting us be a part of your wedding, it was truly an honour.

and here we go..are you ready??

in our first ever circle ceremony at the Thompson Landry Gallery, Kumbo awaits his gorgeous bride

while their friend, James, softly played Neil Young for the bride to walk down the aisle

with paper flowers draping the altar, framing the beautiful couple

the bride approaches on this teal damask aisle runner

... guests are treated to champagne during the ceremony

...arrangements in vintage aqua mason jars around the ceremony, and more hand made paper flowers!

they kiss!

and they celebrate!

this, my friends, is a beautiful couple.

look how gorgeous the bride is...

...seriously magazine-worthy!

bridal party in mismatched but matching attire!

enter the reception room at Archeo and find your name on the chalkboards...

each table has a different coloured table runners alternating solid with patterns (a planned mismatch)

the tables...funky floral arrangements in real vintage aqua mason jars, with a sprig of mint to smell fresh (and it worked!)

and TONS of colourful hand-made paper flowers strung overhead (THANK YOU LYNN BLOOMER!!!)

and pinatas galore, filled with candy (and happy to say they were all broken by the end of the night). Thanks to Lynn Bloomer again :)

this is Zippy, the cutest lil hand made zebra pinata!

mini slate table numbers...note the table runners...guests ended up wearing these on their heads at the end of the night for the dance...awesome!

head table design

a shot of the ceiling with all the paper flowers and pinatas...lynn bloomer's muscles surely must have been hurting after putting these all up... but so worth the pain!

each place setting had a paper flower (all different colours, but a strategic mismatch), with their place card attached on tea-stained seating card with a Moroccan lamp stamped on it

another colour for you to see the contrast

and another!

we wrote wine lists with chalk on bigger slate chalkboards, hand stained to match the rest of the look, and set them on each table
station 1: a photo booth with costumes...and a very cool backdrop...stay tuned!

hilarious "mardi gras-ish" costumes piled into a little trunk for the photo booth

this photo booth pic CRACKS me up. look at the backdrop ... it's Amy's shower curtain...the original inspiration source for the entire wedding!

my funny friends, Lily and Luke enjoying the photo booth

the gift table...all mail to be place in Moroccan lamps...which I swiped from Amy's house!

moroccan lamp mailbox from Amy's house

oh the paper flowers...so delicious

the guest book was a giant chalkboard that guests could leave notes on...amy has since fixed this to her wall in her kitchen

the groom...he is so silly with his paper flower stuck in hair, but he is delivering a speech that seriously changed my life..a most heartfelt speech that actually made me cry...getting tingles just thinking about it again..definitely favourite moment of the night

i would kiss him too after that speech!

Station 2: Cupcake table! These cupcakes deserve multiple pictures. Made by the talented Natalie Ott, they were serious works of art. And totally looked like the paper flowers.

look at them...insanely perfect and beautiful...and soooo delish. Natalie, you are incredible.

little slate signs were all around the venue, with pictures :)

yum yum yum yum yum

wow, the groom is handsome enough for GQ! His bout is just a simple orange dahlia with stem on.

the patio where Amy and Kumbo meet for the first time that day...and more paper flowers draped under the umbrellies.

paper flowers under the umbrellas...close up

on each of the patio tables, we had a photo memory display set up in old mason jars...
the patio arrangements...just simple

we hung our own colourful curtains up... and used all of Amy's pillows from her house to make the lounge chairs pretty and comfy

the end...

{thanks to IKONICA for all the beautiful pics...you can see a few more on their blog! and thank you to Lynn, Carly, and Donna for all your help making this happen!}


Natalie said...

Beautiful - you guys are so talented! Almost makes me wish I was getting married again!

joey said...

Wowee zoweee...love love love! A beautiful job! So happy to see all the pieces come together! What a wonderful job Melanie!

Gillian Williamson said...

Looks fantastic! I really like the picture choices.

Danicia Dutry said...

One of the nicest wedding visuals I have seen in years. I absolutely love it all but I especially love the wedding ceremony in the round and also the ancestor reflection jars!!

Elizabeth said...

i would love to know where she got all those slate boards!!