Monday, October 4, 2010

a little trashy can be nice

...ok, perfect for my house, but it's like $400! i'm not spending that on a trash can {}

...a trash can that was made for charity from VIPP again...don't even think it's available anymore, but i could maybe make one like this myself? it's cheeky, i like it! {}
...these are cool!! Not too expensive actually but they don't ship to Canada hmph {}

...well this is the only option available in canada my friends...from ikea...i might have to take the spray paint to it...lynn bloomer, you wanna damage your pointer finger with me again? haha! {}

...another cool VIPP garbage bin, sigh. why so expensive! {}

...i don't remember where i got this one from!!! if someone knows, please tell me.

...not bad actually, and not too unaffordable. but i think it also doesn't ship to Canada! {}

I can not bring myself to just buy any ordinary trash can for our new kitchen, but if we could just find one, a conversation piece that doesn't cost $1 million, then I'd have A LOT more room under my kitchen sink. So I've researched. And, well, there's not alot out there, I'm not going to lie. Seems like the dominating stylish trash can company is VIPP, and they go for like $500! No thanks. But I've included them above in addition to some cheaper options. Anyone else have any suggestions? A really cool blue one would be so awesome!! Maybe I'll have to take my new paint sprayer out again!!

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Astrid said...

The orange one also looks like a re-designed VIPP trash bin, they do special designs every year and sell them for charity purposes, like this year in Germany, check it out on the ConceptRoom Vipp Charity Event page !

The step looks like Vipp, the top as well and the orange outer lining looks just like a cover sitting on top of it!