Monday, October 18, 2010

pretty potato storage?

Ok, so I've actually organize my house!! Can you believe it? The time has come to beautify and organize in a process that I have begun to call "project de-suburbanization." I am on the hunt to try and do things a bit differently than the norm! This is very important to me, especially since my house looks like everyone else's on the outside :( Gotta start differentiating! I am a Bloomer after all. And what's number one on my mind? How to store my potatoes and onions prettily :) Haha, my potatoes and onions are really bugging me. They are just everywhere. All the time. I'm doing some research online, but there is NOT much available in the way of pretty potato storage ideas. Sucky! But alas, here is what I've found so far...I'll keep you posted on the final decision...and please feel free to pass along your ideas too!

i like this little vintage-y looking tin...could be neat with a couple on my counter along the wall with one for potaters in it and one with onions in it...{from threepotatofour}

these industrial bins would be super cool...although a bit clunky on the counter. but i am getting a big standing shelf for my kitchen, so maybe it can pop into one of the cubbies! {also from threepotatofour}

ooo pretty! but again, who has the space for it even though it's awesome? {}
i don't mind the idea of a more vintaged looking potato pail on my counter in the corner maybe? {knutley's kitchen garden}

putting them in old drawers would be neat, but where to keep the drawers? also a bit of a clunker. {pic from Once Wed}

i like this shelf. maybe for my big shelf, i can put lined baskets in the cubbies like these...that might be easy peasy purty potater (sorry, it just kept going...) {pic from Bluebird Hill blog}

this picture kept coming can get them at Crate and Barrel too...I like the idea of it but there's something too "bubbly" about it...the colours maybe? { but also from crate and barrel}

so maybe just a hook or two or three like this on the backsplash...i do like utizling wall space efficiently {orka by mastrad}

and hang a cute bag or this from Etsy...

another cute etsy bag..even something burlap might just do {also from Etsy}!

these are interesting...maybe it would be cool if they were black or something...{from etsy}

look how pretty this kitchen is! i love their storage. I might have to look at my mom's old tins for storage too maybe! {from}

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