Monday, October 25, 2010

umm...can i live here too?

Check out this incredible apartment that was in the New York Times this weekend {thanks for sending Tyler!!}. This family lives at the very top of Seattle's Smith Tower. I'm so envious right now even though I know it's not cool to be envious of people. But I WANT this place!!!I I really need to learn how to be more of a wheeler dealer. I would never think to even ask about these types of things but this lady certainly knows how to make things work for her! Check out the article here that answers pretty much every question I wanted answered about how she is able to live there!

Apparently it's quite the trek to get up there and involves elevators and lots of stairs which would be tricky with groceries and if you were unwell OR pregnant! But holy moly it would be worth the hard work. She basically salvaged a ton of incredible pieces from the building - things she found in the basement or were abandoned in the empty office spaces. A lot of it came from a Chinese banquet hall...check out all the ridiculously awesome doors and screens! They even have a zip line for the kids to play on...this is SO my house!! She even managed to score huge slabs of marble that were taken out of an office and left for trash! So she has a marble counter top and bathroom! The only question that remains unanswered is how cold/hot does it get in there??

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