Friday, October 29, 2010

a lil' nursery sneak peek

So the nursery is pretty much finished but there are still a couple little things I want to add to it before I post it. But because I know everyone wants to see it...I decided to share a section of it that I love! I had a ton of amazing fabric swatches from Tonic Living left over from when I was picking out the pillow and curtain fabrics. I kept looking at the pile of them sitting by my desk and I wanted to use them in some way but didn't know how since they were just tiny pieces. And then I thought...pennant flags!! So one Saturday afternoon Melanie Bloomer and I got our "Home Ec Circa 1990's" on and managed to figure out how to use my Mom's old Singer sewing machine. It was so much fun!! I think I'd like to do more Home Ec projects in the near future!

First we had to decide which fabrics made it in...I wanted them all!

Ouchy finger cramps from cutting them all into little triangles!

Our Home Ec we know how to thread a bobbin?!

Voila!! Project complete!

Can't wait to show you the rest of the room...just waiting for one more yummy design detail to arrive...oh yah and the baby!!


Rambling Renovators said...

That came out so cute! I love the owl fabrics.

Woah Melly said...

yay us!! i love how it turned out!! and it looks so cute above the crib...

CĂ©leste Gagnon said...

What a terrific idea, and a creative way to use sample fabrics! Good luck Shayna, I know you are due any day now, sending good thoughts you way!