Monday, November 1, 2010

brilliant, on so many levels!

This weekend, I was flipping through some channels and landed on MTV for about one second, just by accident. I never go there. But there, lo and behold, my eyes got glued to maybe the most gorgeous music video I've ever seen. Remember when I blogged a few months ago about Kanye's stage performance at the VMAs with the hip hop ballerinas? THEY CAME BACK!!! And for the prettiest video ever!! Bloomers, I think you'll be mesmerized too...on so many levels. First, the song is super cool. Second, the ballerinas are so gorgeous. Third, they are performing at an event (where they are toasting all the d*ouchebags and j*rkoffs in the world...long overdue) and I LOVE the simplicity of the white table settings...there is basically NOTHING on the tables but it looks so cool...what a statement this would be! I might have to do this at my own wedding one day. And fourth, I think I want a white vintage looking piano for my house now!!!

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