Wednesday, November 17, 2010

desparate search for pendant lamps

Back to my house now for a minute. Things are coming along REALLY well, but there are still details to be figured out! The builders put the ugliest ceiling lamps that could possibly exist in our dining room. It needs to be replaced pronto. And I really have a true love for pendant lamps, but when I actually tried to look for something affordable, it was not so easy! But alas, here's what I've found...I ended up buying the Barn Light Warehouse Pendant in yellow. Can't wait until it arrives!!

Called a "Barn Light Warehouse Pendant." I am biased towards anything with the word barn in it. I picked this one but in bright yellow! It was the most affordable option that had the simplicity I was looking for...see below for what it will look like on my ceiling...{barn light electric}

mine will look like this but in bright yellow...weee!

i love the cage, but mine won't have the cage unfortunately...{barn light electric}

I loved loved loved loved this lamp from CB2. But the shipping was basically the same amount as the lamp! Otherwise I might have picked this puppy. {from CB2}

Ikea USED to stock this lamp, called the Septim Pendant Light...I would have definitely bought this! The shape is exactly right! Poo on Ikea for not selling this anymore. {Ikea}

This is the pendant that Ikea sells is nice, but it's too round and bubbly for me.{from Ikea}

I thought this was super cool too! From Anthropologie. Was just a bit too small for my space, but would seriously consider it for another room in the house, fo shizzle! {from Anthropologie}

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