Monday, November 22, 2010

who is taylor swift's stylist?! damn they're good.

Ok so, seriously, this girl can't miss. Or her stylist can't miss. I mean, she is an angel, there is NO doubt about that. But her makeup is always flawless. And her hair. I had a conversation about this with Joelle Bloomer on the weekend, but then last night on the America Music Awards, it was a whole different perfect look! My favourite look is the red lips - she does this right! She makes it look really classy, not vampy at all. I think I'd like to take some pointers from Taylor.

Red lip Taylor:

Neutral Taylor:

{this was her at the AMA's last night...I hardly recognized her in straight hair and bangs!}

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joelle said...

oh wow! now i want blonde hair and bangs...