Wednesday, September 3, 2008

bountiful boutonnieres

So, one thing that has always nagged at the back of my brain throughout my career as a wedding planner is the issue of the boutonniere ... a floral decoration meant to be worn by men. Firstly, let's clear up the spelling - the number one question when trying to google for funky boutonniere inspirations: One "T," two "N"s. And the "I" goes before the "e". Ok, so here's my dilemma - sometimes a dainty little rose just doesn't match our ruggedly handsome grooms. He needs something a little more unique, a little more...sporty? The inspirations seem meager on the net, but I've picked some of my favourite boutonnieres of all time, and will continue to post as I find more!

Image 1 & 2 from Martha Stewart Weddings (incidently the word boutonniere comes from the french word bouton, which means button - i love buttons - could image 2 be any more perfect?!), and third image from the super great magazine Bride and Bloom.

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