Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So a funny thing happened to me on the way to a wedding in Espanola the other day. As I was driving along the highway heading to the smelly little town of woodchips, I spilled my expensive Starbucks hot chocolate on my favourite white shirt!! I had no water, no kleenex, nothing to wipe it up. As I sat and helplessly watched the brown stain sink into my precious fibres, I realized I had one last chance...a pantiliner in my purse! I took out a little pantiliner, the kind with the plastic-y coating on top, and lightly laid it on my hot chocolate disaster. Lo and behold, my pantiliner sucked the hot chocolate right out of my shirt! Talk about absorbent, holy smokes! With no water, no scrubbing, I realized the underestimated power maxi pads - apparently, they are made of wood cellulose fibers specially "fluffed" to absorb (so they say at Kotex)! My mind is rehashing all the times I stained my clothes and didn't even think of the plethera of pantiliners hiding in my purse. I think I'm on to something now. Some red wine on your wedding dress? Perhaps we should try a pantiliner! The kotex boxes are pretty cute with those red dahlia flowers on them...I wouldn't mind trucking a box around with me!

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