Friday, September 12, 2008

pretty wedding shoes....i do, i do!

I'm trying most hard to be practical at my "practice" wedding but if I spent just an itty bitty bit of extra money on a snazzy pair of shoes that also double for my "real" wedding shoes would that be considered practical? Even if they are just a teensy tiny bit over my budget by about $300? Because technically it would be like buying two pairs of sort of cheap shoes plus a really cheap shoe and a sandal all in one year which I would totally, normally do. And in fact, I've already spent this year's money on next year's shoes because just last week I scored on two pairs of Havaina flip flops for $6 each and the month before that I bought a pair of royal blue pumps I've been coveting all summer for a mere $60 so if I'm good all winter long I do believe that by next summer I should be entitled to a pair of snazzy shoes to double for both my weddings right?!

I'm drooling at the prettiness right now. Beside myself in glee...imagining my little feetsies finally touching a Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin...I'm not picky...they can touch either of them I swear!

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