Saturday, December 6, 2008


Last week, Joelle and I took a trip to Hofland, and there we had a chance to see AND buy my "flower muse" of the moment ... cotton. Yes, cotton! I sure do think cotton is the coolest looking plant ever, and now it holds a special little place on my shelf. Did you know that it looks like this when it grows? It is literally just poofs of fluffy cotton balls on a stem! These poofs, my friends, become your sweaters, your t-shirts, your undies, your pjs, your sheets...Apparently they require lots of sunshine and water to grow, and with water resources getting tighter around the parts of the world that produce it, our dear cotton gets more and more endangered. So, hey, when you get into bed tonight and sigh was satisfaction about how soft your sheets feel against your skin, take a moment, on behalf of inBloom, to remember how lovely it looked even on the stick!

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