Sunday, December 28, 2008

one of my favourite wintery projects...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmukkah! We definitely did, and our menorah stood proudly beside our gingerbread house {pics to come soon}. With even more celebrations next week, I just wanted to share one of my favourite winter decor projects - making lanterns {or wine chillers} out of ice!

It is quite simple: all you need are two plastic containers of different sizes. Place the smaller container into the larger container, and fill the space in between them with water. You may have to weigh the smaller container down with a few rocks so that it doesn't float. Stick it in your freezer {or outside if you live in a chilly winter climate like ours} and let it freeze. Once frozen, remove the ice from the containers - you may have to run the containers under warm water to loosen it up. Just add a votive candle and voila - an ice lantern! And how beautiful it is to add branches or berries into the water before it freezes, a la Kathryn Kleinman's creation above. Note that there are also some lantern molds available, like this star-shaped one from Lee Valley Tools.

I went to a New Year's Eve party one year where the entire walkway leading up to the house was lined with ice lanterns and it was stunning. An easy and cool way to decorate for a party!

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Rebecca said...

I went to an X-mas Party, let's see, 6 years ago now, and I only remember these few things:
*Super tasty turkey
*DIY Caesar bar...yum
*How fab the hostess looked (I was so jealous!)
*And most of all, the ice lanterns that lined the driveway, walkway, and door!