Monday, December 22, 2008

happy chrismukkah to all!

For our blended family, ever since I can remember, we've had a combination-celebration that usually included Christmas dinner served with latkes and even a lit menorah as centrepiece if Hanukkah coincided that particular year. And somehow, way back then, I remember my mom miraculously finding holiday greeting cards with a picture of a menorah with christmas lights wrapped around it and these were our standards for years! My father always got his presents in a Hanukkah stocking completely covered with Stars of David and our Hannukah 'gelt' was hidden in the Christmas tree for us to find. It was always fun and quirky and we knew we were a bit odd but that made us all the prouder of our unique situation. A little difficult to explain sometimes, but we didn't care! I've excitedly noticed that blended families have started to become the norm and especially thanks to 'The OC' and their famous Chrismukkah episode, new traditions are on the rise. These days it seems like anything goes and as a lover of creative, odd, and innovative ideas, I was excited about what other families like ours were doing for this holiday season. I started to do some research and hands-down my favorite find was a whole website dedicated to Chrismukkah: The Merry Mish-Mash Holiday! There is so much on the site to giggle over but these are my personal faves:

Matzo House!

The latkes surrounding the Santa bowl is so awesome!

Funny "kosher fruitcake" artistically placed next to a menorah and Santa...fantastic!

And my favortist of favorites.....

Matzo Snow Man!

So in the words of the Chrismukkah gurus.....OY JOY!

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