Monday, June 29, 2009

i love moon gardens

Throughout the planning of Shayna's vintage circus wedding, there has been alot - and I mean ALOT - of attention going into my father's property, where the wedding will be held. Especially the garden, since the wedding will basically take place in the middle of it - yowzers! Since the wedding is at 8:30pm, the idea of of a moon garden really struck our fancy. A moon garden is a small place filled with night-blooming flowers, especially in white so that they give off a glow in the night. I love the moon garden featured in the Domino magazine a while ago (pic above) - it's really delicious. But because we already had an existing garden there, we didn't go totally moon-y, but basicially we have all yellows and whites, which should still be just as pretty and shiny in the moonlight! We used lots of dusty miller, shasta daisies, some grasses, and a pop of gerbera daisies amongs the yarrow and peonies that were already there. We were inspired by silver yarrow, four o'clocks and silvery maidenhair grass. The whole feat was masterminded by our dear friend and garden consultant Rebecca Perry from Becca's Garden Consulting. She's wonderful, so give her a call if you need help with yours too!

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