Monday, June 1, 2009

oh how i wish i could be her!

I was researching circus acts {as I more than occasionally find myself doing...} and found the most amazing act I've seen in a long time. I love this awesome woman! I'm going to have dreams of flying tonight that is for sure. I've done my fair share of crazy stuff in my life but in no way have I ever come close to competing with her. She might just be my new favorite hero! I wonder if she ever had a circus wedding?! Too bad she was doing this in 1936, otherwise I'd track her down and send her an admit one ticket to my wedding!! Oh and I think I would force her to be my friend too...just being honest.


helen said...

i wish i could be her for the bendy, flexible bits not for the throwing around stuff...that scares me!! i love the vintage footage!!!

Sarina said...

I have never seen anything so incredible! She must have had bruises all over from all the manhandling! I have done trapeze and a lot of dance but have never seen anything so incredible. If she were alive today Cirque du Soleil would beg her to join or she'd win "So you think you can Dance."

inBloom Event Design said...

i know! she must have hit the ground many a time in practice. i totally want to be her for the flexibility AND the throwing bits! it seems so fun to woosh around like that! it is rare to see that kind of flexibility with that kind of strength. so envious!