Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rachel getting married wedding photos

A client (and spunky friend) of ours, Amy, is getting married! And at our meeting just a few weeks ago, Amy mentioned that she loved the eclectic and multi-cultural wedding in Rachel Getting Married. I ran out and rented the movie, as I have been meaning to watch it for months now, and I thought the wedding was really cool. Very carnival-like, but with very unique and eclectic little details that didn't necessarily fit a theme but just seemed plain fun. I did some screen captures, so take a look at some of the decor deets! Thanks, Amy, for pointing it out to us...stay tuned for Amy Getting Married (hardy har har)...

awesome tent and love the lights

the bride's wild and huge bouquet

bridesmaids' bouquets

a better look at the bridesmaid's bouquet

look at the cute elephant cake!

i like the poufy orange boutonniere to match the groom's lei

one of my favourite parts was the little trinkety placecard ornaments

i like the multicoloured lanterns and matching umbrellies

again, awesome tent

look at the graphics on the tent's inside walls ... so amazing!

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