Friday, October 10, 2008

remembering dody

I want to take a moment and share with you the woman who taught us to appreciate all things lovely, to stop and smell the flowers, to notice the funny little details that are always lurking around the corner, to love the intricacy of nature, to put the nice napkins out for yourself and your family, that every surface is a blank canvas for a whimsical design, that a beautiful smile goes a long way, that there is not one right way to do something in this world, that you don't have to drink milk to be healthy, that there are alternative forms of healing out there, that your gut will tell you a lot if you listen to it, that we never really die and we will always be there in some way for the people we love - in a dream, in the flicker of a light, in a smell and in a tiny touch we can just almost feel.

Everyday I think of you sweet mommy and I will be remembering all the beautiful gifts you have given us and all the breathtaking surprises still to come. I forgot to light a candle for you yesterday but please know that you are never more than a second from my thoughts and heart.

Four years ago on Monday you became our angel. Looking at pictures of you today made me realize that you truly were an earth angel. I am grateful for the short time we had together that has provided me a lifetime of love and teaching. I Love You.

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