Friday, January 30, 2009

feeling silhouettey

Silhouettes have been a huge design trend in home decor lately. I love the idea of a couple incorporating their silhouettes into their wedding stationery - a nice, personal touch! Sometimes silhouettes can look a bit creepy, but I thought the below silhouettes were done beautifully {by KC and Sara as featured on Once Wed}.

And take a peek at this beautiful silhouette cut out of a leaf...exquisite! This is by silhouette artist Jenny Lee Fowler.
I was shocked to find out that some of these silhouette artists cut the silhouettes directly from paper {or leaves!} without even drawing them first. This boggles my can they be so accurate?! Check out this Silhouette artist from the U.K. who attends weddings and events and cuts silhouettes on the spot. {For a bit of a chuckle, below his YouTube video, see the comment left from his embarrassed, over-critical teenaged daughter perhaps?! Just a guess here, but it made me laugh}

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