Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a perfect little barn venue

{picture from Massey Barn Events}

We've always, our whole lifelong, been searching for the perfect little barn event venue, and in the GTA it was nowhere to be found! Until my good friend Brooke (who has fantastic taste and a keen eye by the way), sent me a link to a cute little barn in Cobourg that she had heard about once before. Called Massey Barn, it has a lot of a history behind it, built by the Massey family in 1837. And it is REALLY super cute - the renovations are a perfect blend between rustic but still a little upscale. It's like a pretty canvas just waiting to be made even more spectacular! Our clients (and friends...clients sound so harsh, doesn't it?) Ryan and Tahlia asked inBloom to help decorate the venue for their wedding...and inBloom says a resounding OK! We'd be THRILLED to help...we've been waiting a LONG time for this!

I'm a little fascinated by this chandelier. Such a perfect contrast between rustic and upscale decor.

The barn in all it's beautiful glory - just waiting for inBloom's personal touch!

this is the view behind the barn. apparently there's a clearing in the forest for a ceremony. tahlia loves the idea of using this trail as the aisle.

Ryan and Tahlia - they look happy ... obviously!

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