Monday, January 12, 2009

mustache mania

More and more I am seeing this strange {yet oddly appealing} trend of fake mustaches at weddings. For me it all started with a post by Oh Joy! Then I noticed Offbeat Bride and her photoset of fun mustached photos to giggle over such as the photo above. Then Martha posted one. So I began researching more and I have to say its very enthralling this fake mustache phenomena! I'm starting to think about jumping on the band-wagon and add fake mustaches and beards on sticks for my Practice Wedding. Since it is an old-fashioned throw-back to the vintage circus what better way to celebrate than with bearded {& mustachioed} ladies?

This photo comes from a quirky wedding posted on Oh Joy!

This couple provided fake mustaches to their guests as part of a cute favor package. For more on their wedding visit Martha Martha Martha.

Then I found where to actually buy these wonderful mustaches on sticks and a fun blog I hadn't known existed called Something's Hiding In Here. So if anyone has a case of mustache know where to find them! The mustaches are for sale at their Etsy store. And then as I was scrolling down their page I found this fake beard! And then I found these fun photos of people wearing the fake mustaches on sticks and it made me smile. The little girls are so cute! AND THEN I realized these are the very same people who started the whole trend in the first place because the mustaches in the Oh Joy! post are the one and only, very same mustaches from Something's Hiding in Here! Mystery solved...just call me Sherlock!

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