Monday, January 19, 2009

i heart domino

To avoid the bone-chillingly, yucky, greyness of the weekend past, I took my weekly peek into the new West Elm store that opened up in Liberty Village. Joelle Bloomer and I are slightly obsessed with this store and last week they told us that they were bringing in their new stock so if we came back in a week I'd be in for a nice surprise. Not that I was even tired of the old stock but being surrounded by the new West Elm Eco Chic collection was certainly a huge treat! We really have no more decorating space in our condo but I fancied some large frames for our bedroom wall. We want to put some of our black + white travel pics on display. On my way to the cash, my eye caught this maginificent piece of eye candy! Domino: The Book of Decorating! Normally I don't buy these kinds of things, I just stare wishfully, but I just couldn't help myself. AND it comes with a year's subscribtion to Domino Magazine!

So, I've spent the rest of the weekend flipping through this masterpiece and each time I somehow find something new that I didn't see before. Right now I'm in a bit of obsession with designer Rita Konig's entryway. The book has this cool section called 'the domino effect' where a designer breaks down the inspiration behind certain rooms in their homes. Get this...her mother who is also a decorator, designed the wallpaper in her entryway! She was taken by the black and birdies in the decor at a Paris floral shop called Odorantes, and so was then inspired to design the wallpaper. Holy moly creative family!

I love the little table and how she uses hats that she didn't have any other storage space for as part of a very functional decor! And she has been carrying around this pink antique ashtray from apartment to apartment because she loves it so much...even though she doesn't smoke! She sounds cool...I'd like to meet her.

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