Friday, January 23, 2009

i dreamed i wrote a blog in my maidenform bra

Our mom always jokingly quoted the famous Maidenform Bra ad campaign from the 1950's and 60's where women 'dreamed' of being in certain situations - 'riding a gondola, painting the town red, playing Cleopatra' - in their Maidenform bras. I remember shouting 'Mom where are you?' to the response of 'I'm making spaghetti in my Maidenform bra!'.

I can imagine that these scantilly clad ads were quite risqué for their time, but they seemed to allow women in that era to 'dream' they could be free and sexy and do what they pleased {I'm sure there are a ton of feminist views on these!}. The successful ad campaign always intrigued me though, and I was lucky enough to find a calendar from Urban Barn that featured these vintage chic ads! Looking for something to jazz up my bathroom, I decided to frame some of my favourites to add a bit of quirkiness to my decor. Here is a picture of my wall, and some ads...they are just too good not to share!

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