Monday, February 16, 2009

all the single ladies...and men!

Like the rest of the world out there I've gotten a little bit obsessed with the Beyonce "Single Ladies" dance. I started doing a bit of research to see what I could find....check out these great tidbits of fun!

First, its almost impossible to find now, but have you seen the SNL skit where Justin Timberlake is one of Beyonce's dancers for her video? It provided me with many a giggle! Here are some pics that give you pretty much the full idea and to watch video footage I've managed to find a link to it here.

I was also able to find two good videos for learning how to do the dance! In this video "Single Man Shane" teaches two women the steps to the dance. Its kind of like you are in his dance class with him - fun! And then once you have some of the steps down from Shane's class, you can follow along to this slowed down version of the real Single Ladies video for easier learning! I haven't actually tried these yet but it would be a fun thing to do with some friends one Friday night!

So glad there are computer saavy people out there to keep the rest of us thoroughly entertained!

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