Thursday, February 26, 2009

david rockwell does the oscars

I really liked the stage design for the Oscars on Sunday night. On the intro video to the Oscars, we learned that the architect David Rockwell tried to bring everything in closer and make it more intimate and "club-like", like the original swanky Oscars from 80 years ago, by using low-descended chandeliers and seating the nominees right up close and personal to the curved stage. No awkward long walk up stairs this time! And of course, we loved the combined Swarovski crystal curtain framing the rough, corregated cardboard set detail, as well as the awesome graphical pattern on the floor, inspired by Michaelangelo's Piazza di Campidoglio.

My favourite dress? Probably the off-white dress of Taraji P. Henson. Everything was very white this year.
I always feel like I shouldn't like Angelina too much (I am loyal to Jennifer), but I did enjoy her green earrings too.

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