Wednesday, February 25, 2009

miniature world!

I was tired tonight and feeling uninspired. I just didn't feel a good blog coming on and I was going to cop out with some half-assed post when I opened an email from my sweet friend entitled "somefin fer yer blog" and I thought she can't possibly be reading my mind can she?? And yes...yes she did...with the most adorable, inspiring tidbit of fun ever that completely made my night!

This couldn't be more up the Bloomers' alley! We LOVE mini things. Mini things are so great. We could look at mini things all day long. I think its because we Bloomers are mini things. We like to be at one with our own mini kind.

So thank you Lizzie Vickery, who likes to take pictures of mini things because they make her feel omnipotent {we all have our own valid reasons} and daydreaming and making messes. Lizzie took the most fabulously, delicious pictures of "Miniature World" which is a museum in Victoria, B.C. And it gets better!! She has an exhibit at Toronto Image Works Gallery from March 5th til 28th which is right around the corner from my condo! I am so going! In the meantime here is a little taste of her some of her amazing work - Miniature World!

Thank you Lizzie!

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