Thursday, February 12, 2009

my kind of wedding!

I've been meaning to blog about this forever...its kind of past due but with the new American Idol season underway I can't help but miss my favoritist reality show ever - So You Think You Can Dance! There was one dance in particular that was one of the biggest inspirations for my Practice Wedding theme {apparently inspiration can come from anywhere!} and I can't believe I haven't mentioned it yet! Shame shame!

Does anyone remember this dance that was Mia Michael's interpretation of a Tim Burton type wedding? I loved the whimsical, wild puffiness of it all! The big, messy beehive hairdo, the adorable puffy dress, the funny half tuxedo, the silly faces...I don't think I can convince Dan to wear the funny tuxedo {even though I've already sourced out a teal coloured cumberbund if he should somehow come around to my wishful thinking!!} but at least I totally scored on my vintage puffy wedding dress! Fingers crossed my hair will be long enough to make a big messy beehive!
Here are a few shots of some of my favorite moments thanks to Tortilla Chips and Milk blog! I wish I could find a pic of when he lifts her up and all you can see are her toes peeking out of a puff of cute!


Anonymous said...

I shayna,

Love the way you write, love the show as well- most of the time, I think we usually watch it together, but you steal the blanket.
Yep, I don't think that you will be able to convince Dan- I mean me to wear a tuxedo- sorry monkey.

Once again, love your writing skills.

inBloom Event Design said...

Oh man! I thought if I had written it for the public to see it might push you over to the teal tuxedo side...a sneaky tactic...but obviously not enough. Definitely stealing the blankets tonight!