Wednesday, February 11, 2009

more house colour choices

We finally went to the Greenpark Decor Center to make some preliminary house colour choices. It was a tad bit overwhelming to have samples of carpets, countertops, tiles, cabinets and doorknobs thrust at us in a span of two hours, but alas, it is essentially what I love to do - decorate! Since it is a new townhome, some of the "standard" choices presented to us weren't necessarily the greatest options, so we had to do some real digging to get to the bottom of it all - there's only so many upgrades one can do before going absolutely broke! Here are some of the preliminary selections we've made to give us a start. I suspect many more of our own renovations and upgrades will be necessary in the next few years! We're definitely going for very clean, white, simple and uncluttered house with modern lines. Just like the inspiration pictures from Elizabeth Roberts' loft that I posted a few weeks ago!

We picked a very dark brown "Red Oak Java" semi-gloss hard wood floor, "Stone" - coloured countertops, taupe kitchen floor tiles, and espresso-coloured kitchen/bathroom cabinet doors called "Hampton."

Our Bloomin' Grandfather is a really awesome carpenter, who has offered to teach us all how to make our own kitchen tables. I had my heart set on a funky, but highly impractical, table made out of reclaimed barn wood, however, Shayna Bloomer sent us this table at West Elm which I'm really warming up to. I think the light wood will really go with our kitchen colour choices. Thanks Shayna Bloomer!

Our standard upstairs bathroom choices were REALLY limited, but in the end, we narrowed it down to these super neutral white-ish/gray bathroom tiles, dark wood cabinets (which I think we'll re-strip and paint a darker espresso brown ourselves later), and this "Jamocha Granite" coloured countertop. Most of the beige tiles looked too pink-y, and the grey tiles available looked too blue. Give us something as neutral and simple as possible please! I plan to experiment with the colours on the walls and some funky decor!

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