Thursday, February 19, 2009

i wanna be a modern flapper!

I've got the 20's and Flappers on my mind of late. I've been researching the whole roaring 20's and Prohibition for an event I am working on. The more I research, the more I'm obsessed with the fashion of the era. If I were born 85 years earlier I totally would have been a flapper. Loving the bob and the hats and the dresses and the dancing! Here are a few modern twists on flapper hats to keep you cozy and cute now that fake spring seems to be over. If we gotta have snow then we might as well wear a modern flapper hat!!

{I'm so loving 'The Robin' by piperandpaisley}

{Oh so cute Modern Twist Flapper by tallib}

{Cozy and stylish Button Band Flapper Hat on croshay's photostream}

Why do buttons make everything look better?

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Cynthia M said...

those are really amazing