Monday, April 13, 2009

the bloomers kick off!

Tonight Joelle Bloomer and I got to hang with the cool soccer kids at Kick Off: Toronto FC Annual Dinner in support of Right to Play and Kidsport Ontario. The reason we got to go? inBloom Event Design donated the use of their big sandbox from Breast Darn Show Period where people had the chance to dig for prizes. Brother-in-law Petey was in charge of running it and as made for some fun times! While Petey worked away at the treasure hunt, we Bloomers worked our way through the crowd and had ourselves a bit of a blast...and a bit of a binge!

inBloom Event Design on the sign!

Some TFC Players trying their luck!

Shayna Bloomer having no luck as usual {slot machines break down when I'm around them!} but happy to support the cause!

After we stuffed our faces at the chocolate fountain we discovered there was a crepe station!!

Sporty Spices!

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