Wednesday, April 22, 2009

maple art

This season I may be a bit maple syrup obsessed. Maybe it's the pull of my Canadian roots or MAYBE it's because it's just so darn tasty! Whatever it is, I feel validated now that I saw Home & Country Magazine did a maple feature as well. Here's my problem with maple syrup and maple candies: I always want to give it as gifts to out-of-towners, but it always looks a little dowdy and rough in a clunky bottle, so I refrain! But look what I've stumbled upon in Toronto!! Holy smokes, my search for a nice high end tasty treat ended at Ninutik- their products look to me like art, their packaging is quite pleasing to my eyeballs, but more than anything...I can even imagine how sweet a maple sugar lolli bouquet would taste!!

maple wafers with my wine please!! apparently they package them in cute little boxes

purty and this would be a nice favour!

maple cube...apparently comes with a grater!!

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inBloom Event Design said...

My word I want some of that! Holy smokes indeed...and in Toronto?! I'm kinda tempted to bring the glass maple syrup ball for my favor to Israel!!