Wednesday, April 1, 2009

one step closer to my circus wedding!

Circus-inspired tents are harder to come by then I had imagined! I've been researching for awhile but I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere. For my vintage circus wedding, I want a white tent that has a high peak like an old-fashioned big top tent. I also wanted it to be a circle tent but I had to give up that dream...every tent company I called had never heard of such a thing. Can you believe it?! In my world a circle tent would be a give-in.

Melanie Bloomer had the idea today of taking my doily chuppa desire and using it throughout the whole wedding as decor. It makes perfect sense...why hadn't I thought of it? So I feel as though its all starting to come together. I'll soon have my white tent, the doily chuppa, doily tablecloths, my old-fashioned popcorn maker, cotton candy, candy apples...I'm so excited!

Here are some tents that could most definitely work!

{loving this adorable tent with flag from Signature Party Service}{this could definitely be a circus tenty!}

{who needs a tent? check out this Big Top idea via Once Wed}

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