Wednesday, April 29, 2009

vintage circus bridesmaid dress

So I finally found my outfit for Shayna's vintage circus wedding, and I'm so excited! I found this 1930s flapper dress at The Cat's Meow Couture , which is the most amazing vintage couture shop down at Avenue and Davenport, right by my favourite flower shops. I got it for $39 - what a steal! My grandma fixed up some of the beading that had fallen off, and now I've chosen my accessories and hair...what do you think so far?

And my hair like this:

And my super talented bloomin' cousin, Julia, who owns Frankly Fig, is going to make me a hairpiece like this, instead of a flower:

Also, Shayna just bought us a beautiful bracelet to match her own, which is also blue, and now just gotta find some shoes and a funky blue ribbon to tie around my waist!!

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