Thursday, April 9, 2009

party barns

Over the years, we've been desiring a barn venue to decorate whether for a wedding or party , and so we've saved up quite a few pictures for inspiration, for the day our dream comes true!! Take a look at some of our dreamy party barns...

love the wild textured nature of these florals, mixed with elegant dark wood chiavaris

love the mismatched chairs - the little white ones mixed in there are cute

barn weddings must have lots of lanterns or chandeliers! i love the rustic house numbers they used for this table setting

hanging big oversized lamps like this from the beams is a really awesome alternative to lanterns or chandeliers

sparklers for a barn wedding! now why didn't i think of that?!

i would like to paint a sign like this...

the dance floor here is outside the barn - cool!

To my friend, Brooke - this blog post is for you!

{Pics 2, 7, 8, 9 from Green Wedding Shoes}
{Pic 1 from Country Home magazine}
{Pic 3, 4 from Style Me Pretty}
{Pic 5, 6 from Martha}

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