Thursday, April 2, 2009

vintage circus wedding flowers

So, Shayna Bloomer's almost got all the details of her pretty vintage circus wedding figured out: high top cruiser tables, mismatched antique wood tables, our mom's vintage doily table runners, a doily "chuppah" between trees, and it LOOKS like she may have even found her big top tent (looks like a place in Stouffville is the only place that carries it - can you believe it? That's where our property is located!). And now, she's given ME the go-ahead to do whatever I want for her flowers. Oh, the ideas! I can't help but wonder if the craziest and quirkiest way to go is as simple as possible. It was Joelle Bloomer's idea to use craspedia (or billy buttons), as they seem to embody the notion of circus just in the way they look! Here are my thoughts:

What about just plain and simple billy button stems for some of the wood tables in mason jars or these simple white vases? {pic from Husmusen - it's in Swedish too, what's with Swedish sites lately?!}, juxtaposed with some wonky Queen Anne's Lace on the linened cruiser tables, looking all spindly like in this picture from Domino:

I think we have some Queen Anne's Lace in our garden even!

I adore this bouquet by Sweetwater, with billy buttons and celosia cristata. Now THIS looks circus-y, my friends. Maybe instead of pink, I could do some blues to match her wedding colours, although celosia doesn't come in blue... {posted on Style Me Pretty}

I'd like to make a bouttoniere like this for her fiance, Dan. It's cute and matches the quirkiness, but still not too over the top.{can't remember where I got this pic from}


inBloom Event Design said...

Billy Button Billy Button Billy Button! I like to say it too. Melanie Bloomer I love it! And I love the Queen Anne's Lace idea too. Glad I put you in charge...and Mommy is sure gonna be happy with this!

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