Friday, May 15, 2009

happy anniversary to 'the breast darn show period'

It's hard to believe that two years can fly by in a jiffy. On Sunday it will have been two years since we held our breast cancer charity event, The Breast Darn Show Period, benefitting Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada. In honour of our mother who we lost to breast cancer a few years ago, and in honour of everyone who has been faced with the disease, it truly was a fabulous evening. Here are some photos from that night...from the pink carpet entrance, to the bras-on-a-clothesline decor, the amazing entertainment {including Shaye}, the incredible silent auction {that included a free trip to France for a tour of a vineyard!}, and the ever-popular Breastfast at Tiffany's sandbox of treasures, it was such a joyous, delightful, and postive event!

Not to mention the extremely large lacey bra constructed by our very creative and crafty grandmother! If anyone has been to The Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District, I'm sure they have seen the 2 large 'vats' that portrude from the wall. Well when we saw them we just knew it was the perfect place to hold a breast cancer charity event! But the vats looked, so the jumbo bra was born! Apparently the big ol' bra has a bit of a reputation; I met with a bride and groom last month who saw it in our portfolio and exclaimed 'You guys did that? Someone told us about the big bra!'. See below for the bra 'plan' we presented at a committee meeting, and a photo of the plan actualized.

In honour of the second anniversary, I updated the website a bit, which you can see here. Also if you want to see more pics, they are here! Be sure to yell a little cheer on Sunday for the Breast Darn Show Period. And feel free to borrow from our committee's cheery salute....Yay Boobies!

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