Wednesday, May 20, 2009

purple and yellow

Tonight, as I watched American Idol (yay, Chris! I wanted him to win ...although Adam is excellent too), I played around with some fleurs for my dear friend, Helen, who gets to come home on Friday from Italy, after a harrowing trip where she fell very ill and had to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. Every time I think of Helen, I think of purple - her purse is purple, my favourite dress of hers is I made her a bouquet of deep purple anemones (i LOVE anemones), purple orchids, and springy yellow ranunculus with yellow tulips in it - with a smattering of purple thistle of course. I had the nerve-wracking task of making a non-smelly flower arrangement, as she is sensitive to smells after her illness!! But so far, no pollen is in the air tickling my nose hairs! And I sure do love the colour combo of purple and yellow, and a smattering of red (there is a red ranunculus hidden in there). I was inspired by the front cover of the Real Simple magazine in November 2008. Anyway, we miss you, Helen - you are very important to us all, and we absolutely can't wait to see you!!

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