Thursday, May 28, 2009

the twilight prom

I enjoyed the mess of lights covering the ceiling of this gazebo.

I also enjoyed Edward...

Ok, so let's get this obsession overwith once and for all! I admit it, I am in love with the Twilight books. I've been warned to take a break before reading the last one, to ensure I get a reality dose. These books, they aren't just for teenagers - I swear - and I know all of you out there agree with me. Now, on the other hand, I watched the movie, and was completley unimpressed. I mean, it was rushed, it was silly and they just glossed over the intense emotions that made the books so wonderful! The only part I kind of liked was their prom gazebo. I thought the lights all criss-crossing in a crazy jumbled mess to form the ceiling was kind of pretty. Oh, and Edward too - he might have been my second favourite part. He's pretty too (don't worry Craig, you still are my Edward!). But prom-goers beware: This crazy romantically lit gazebo is not a cheap walk in the park in terms of decor - this took some hard design effort and some serious lighting material. That little high school in Forks must have quite a prom fund!


Aprile said...

Yesss Edward! I'm on the twilight bandwagon as well. Yes.. I feel like a teeny bopper at times but age ain't nothing but a number. It's too, too good. I think I read all the books in about 1 week. hah

Can't wait for New Moon >_<

Linsay said...

me too! LOVE twilight. it's rather sad and pathetic sometimes I feel but an escape from reality for sure! hope things are great with you gals :)