Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more new house inspiration

So, I've had a few people ask about the status of my new house...and the the status is (drumroll please)...a bobcat! Ground hasn't been broken yet, but hey, the laneways have all been put in and the fire hydrants are ready to go! I'm still dreamin' though about decor - here are some of my latest inspirations for our bedroom, living room, kitchen and office...

Bedroom inspiration:

pic via inBloom Studio's blog

I love the black window above - I've seen this done alot lately. Pic above via inspiraton for everyday living blog

I loved this pic from Domino Magazine's last (sniff sniff) March 2009 issue - in their "Outfit to Room Transformations" article. Sorry about the crease in the middle, but this photo is no where to be found online and I had to scan it straight from my treasured mag!! I love almost everything about this room - the black windows again, the plain army green blanket, the brown leather chair and especially, the frond in the window!! Yummy!

Living Room inspiration:

Pic above from Bijou Kaleidoscope
Office Inspiration:

I love these colours for my office - I plan to do one chalkboard wall for sure. Pic above via inBloom Studio Blog

Kitchen inspiration:

Look at the grass centerpiece ... it's so cool! Pic via Of Paper and Things

This chandelier looks cool to me too, although my boyfriend thinks it looks like brillo pad!

pic above via Bijou Kaleidoscope

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