Thursday, May 21, 2009

jennifer aniston's wedding dress in marley and me

It's hot and sunny out today!! But I just watched Marley and Me, and I really loved Jennifer Aniston's snowy wedding dress, and can't rest easy until I post it for all to see. I mean, it's easier to think the snow is lovely and romantic when it's 28 degrees out, right? I love the shawl she wears. This is one thing I find lacking in the wedding industry...nice shawls to keep brides a bit warmer in the shivery cold. Send me some pics of nice shawls if you have any! The gown is designed by Carolina Boulton from Florida. Now seriously, what's really up with Jen's hair? How is it possible that she always, ALWAYS has glorious locks? This is starting to seem fishy...

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