Monday, May 18, 2009

the circus is coming!!

Finally!! I have been waiting so long to be able to share the invitations to our circus wedding! Each part took quite some time but it was so worth the wait! It started when I asked my bestest friend Rashmi to create a circus-inspired invite. With our mutual love of circus and her insanely creative artistic talents I had not a worry in the world it would turn out to be perfect. She suggested she try to make an old-fashioned circus poster and low and behold this masterpiece was created!!

Joelle Bloomer then took the full-sized painting and added her uber talented graphic touch. I searched long and hard for some "Admit One" tickets, and after a bit of a panic discovered that once again, the wonderful world of Etsy had not failed me! I purchased the blank admit one tickets in shades of yellow and brown from a few different vendors {withatwist and pinktwilight} but one in particular, schOOLLOcker gave me a free package of tickets as a wedding prezzie!!! It was so sweet! Thank you again!

Then I went out on a mission to find an "Admit One" stamp. I thought surely it would be an easy find...wrong again! But then Joelle Bloomer informed me her hubby's parents' company could order me a custom-made one! I finally received it {it was so adorable!} and then I had to practice my fine motor skills and stamp all those tiny tickets...wasn't easy to hit that little mark!!

So...without further they are!! We just love them so much and hope you do too!

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helen said...

I love these invitations, simply adorably vintage!!! inBloom's brilliance shines through again!!!