Sunday, August 24, 2008

holy wedding planning!

Must not forget about my very own beachy wedding in the Holy Land. With the summer coming to an end I realize the countdown is on…we are going to Israel in November to make all arrangements for next August. This deserves a big scary OY as it will probably be the last time we go before the wedding! OOOYYYY!

But fear not, look at all the lovelies I’ve been collecting! Now if it were only as easy to collect Israeli photographers, DJs, florists, hair and make-up artists…

The perfect colour combination for my aqua and orange beach wedding. Thanks to one of my fave wedding blog sites Weddingbee I'm even more excited about the yumminess of my chosen colours!

Oh Martha Stewart, what would I do without you?

Cheapy cheap but beautiful bougainvillea! Oh the cleverness...

Oh Martha Stewart, what would I do without you?

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