Friday, August 1, 2008


Welcome to the inaugural blog of inBloom Studio and inBloom Productions! We are 'sister' companies (literally...we are actually three sisters!) who have an eye for detail and design. We offer the full package, from graphic and web design services to event planning and event design! We will be posting design and event-related eye candy and ideas up here so be sure to check back.

I'll start this blog with an entertaining idea I love, snipped from a BHG Quick and Easy Decorating mag. Simple but graphically striking - a placecard that is simply a polaroid photo of the sky, with the guest's name scrolled on the bottom. Even if you are lucky enough to have a vintage polaroid camera, sadly the film is being discontinued (help save polaroid!) but this look can be easily re-created by cropping a photo of the sky (or whatever) into a square using your computer's photo editing software, printing it on your home printer, and then cutting it into the shape of a polaroid pic (leave a white border on all sides - just make sure to leave a longer border at the bottom). Scribble your guest's name on the bottom and voila! You are crafty and graphic designy and host extraordinaire...

See you back here soon!

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